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Every other Tuesday!
8pm-Midnight EST
[Brynhildr] Mist, W14 P14

Tavern Rules

IC Rules

  • No killing or maiming, folks. Seriously. You try, it will piss us off. You don’t want that.

  • Magic and weapons are fine and so are good ol' fisticuffs. Just don't fuck up the stage (or the surrounding area) too much or we'll make YOU pay for it.

  • Minimum age for fighter sign up is 16. There is no maximum age, but we do ask that your ass ain’t so old and worn down that you can’t even lift up your fists.

  • If you ain’t on the stage you don’t need to be fighting. Take it outside or up on the stage. We WILL kick your ass out if you try us.

  • Don’t break our shit, godsdamnit.

  • What the staff says, goes. We’re here to keep your rowdy asses in line if need be, but we’re not babysitters. You act an ass, we’ll put you out on it.

  • Everyone’s welcome. Got a problem, go somewhere else. We don’t wanna hear any pissin’ and moanin’ about Duskie this and Garlean that and savage whatever. You got gil, you got service.

  • This is not a family restaurant. Keep the kiddos at home.

OOC Rules

  • This is an 18+ venue OOCly. That means all PLAYERS must be 18 or older. We will trust that as adults, you will exercise caution and not be overly disruptive with yourself or your characters.

  • If we tell you to stop doing something OOCly, do it. It’s not open for debate during open hours. If you don’t comply, you will be asked to leave and will not be welcome back. After the venue closes we will discuss the matter if necessary. We will not respond to tells or argue during open hours after you’ve been asked to leave, it is disruptive.

  • This is a MATURE establishment. It is not Rated E for everyone. There will be violence, gore, profanity, alcohol, and crude language. Keep this in mind before bringing a character or another player that may not want to see or experience this sort of content.

  • Consent is a beautiful thing. Get it before trying to maim, permanently injure, or damn near kill another player.

  • Play nice. Even if your character is built like a brick shithouse, if they get hit with sufficient enough force, it will be felt or noticed. It’s also just courteous to the opponent to not shrug off their blows every single time.

  • There is a healing station that is fully stocked with potions and the like. If, for some reason, your character refuses any type of healing, it will be you, the player’s responsibility to get it taken care of, not ours. We ain’t dealing with all that drama.

Fight Rules

Grindstone Rules, Baby!

  • At the start of each fight, both sides will roll /random for initiative (who attacks first). Whoever rolls highest goes first and is the attacker for the next round.

  • The other fighter will respond with a /random roll to determine if they successfully defend along with their corresponding attack. This will continue until one side connects 3 times or 30min has passed.

  • After 30 minutes, if neither side has connected 3 times, the person with the most hits will win.

  • If the match is tied at the 30min mark, the match will go into sudden death. Each player will roll and whoever wins will be the winner.

  • 2v2's will be 6hp for each side. The fight ends when one side has the lowest health at the end of 30 minutes, or when one side's health is ahead by 4 (6hp vs 2hp, 5hp vs 1hp)

  • Signups will open Monday the week before and will close on Fridays or when the roster fills. Sign ups are first come, first serve and tend to fill quickly, so we encourage you to join our discord to get in on slots as we post there first.


Maria Zolts - Owner

A well traveled Dalmascan woman, Maria is known for many things - researcher, mage, adventurer, seamstress. This seems to be just another one of her whims of fancy, taking her residence and turning it into a tavern and fight club. Or maybe she has another agenda, who knows?

Carnelian Morena - Co-Owner

The silent second owner of the Hearth, Carnelian was forced to come out of the shadows when their summer tournament was hijacked by the Lien Consortium and Maria was taken. Carnelian is an instructor, performer, and scholar by normal trade, although they enjoy helping to manage the Hearth when Maria is out.

Rayha'to - Bartender/Chef

Rayha'to (more frequently Ray and Rayha) is a sweet and outgoing Miqo with a charming personality and a big heart. While he may not be an expert at everything he does in the kitchen or behind the bar, Ray always gives 110% and never does it without a smile. He always looks forward to meeting new people so don't be afraid to stop and say hello!

Tamala Nhawo - Server

Tamala has a friendly disposition and is willing to try about anything once! This clan-born miqo'te is always trying to find a way to make some spare coin. Killing two birds with one stone by working at a tavern where she can also hone her fighting skills seems like an easy choice.

Cecilia Black - Bartender

A lover of all things fighting, drinking and making gil, Cecilia couldn’t pass up the chance when a fighting venue put out a job posting. The dancer brings a quick witted charm to the place. (And maybe a little mischief.)

Soma no Minoru - Announcer

A lover of all things that spark joy and fun, Minoru brings an excitable energy to the Hearth as one of its announcers by screaming his heart out! The Hingan Viera is a maelstrom of chaos and frenetic vibes, but don't take his carefree personality lightly; Minoru also loves to fight!

Gail Dotharl - Announcer

Gail always seems to have some kind of project she's working on, but she still takes time to cheer on her friends when they go fight. Working at the tavern just lets her get paid to encourage them.

Grant Wirasch - Bouncer


Erith'tan Woden - Healer

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Hall Of Fame

Tournament Champions

Candy Man - 1st Tournament Winner

Gridania Sea Chocobo vs Thavnair Immortal Lions Tournament Winner


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